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ESI delivers effective and creative solutions for many leading R&D-funded Federal agencies in the greater Washington, D.C., area. In particular, our instrumental partnerships with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNLCR) work to encourage collaboration between the cancer research and broader scientific communities. We want to make a difference and empower innovation that will advance the fight against cancer and improve public health.

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Software Development & Integration

Artificial Intelligence and Cloud-based Computing are technologies ESI’s Software Development Team is successfully embracing. Working well together and using an agile workflow model, our software team includes experts in development and deployment, systems integration, testing, data curation, and independent validation and verification (IV&V).


DevOps leverages collaboration, monitoring, automation and cloud engineering to ensure rapid on-boarding of applications by performing end-to-end provisioning and facilitating continuous integration across leading cloud platforms. We provide automated end-to-end delivery pipelines to help organizations rapidly and reliably produce high quality software products and services with increased efficiency and reduced cost.

Software Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance (QA) employs meticulous testing, continuous monitoring, and rigorous validation processes to ensure applications are functioning seamlessly. By implementing comprehensive test strategies and tools (like Katalon for functional automation, Applitools for visual testing, and load testing frameworks for performance assessment), we guarantee the delivery of top-notch software products that meet the highest standards of quality. We strive to enhance efficiency and minimize costs by identifying and rectifying issues early in the development lifecycle.


The ServiceNow Platform offers a single application platform for automating business processes. With extensive experience developing native GUI based, service portal based, and fully custom built ServiceNow applications, ESI helps agencies develop ServiceNow-based solutions to streamline their business processes.


ESI's bioinformatics team performs a wide range of data analysis to integrate and customize third-party and open-source tools into larger systems. We have expertise across all the life science fields, including multiple aspects of genomics.


The Communications Team at ESI supports cross-organizational collaboration through tools such as Audience Analysis, Strategy Analysis, Copyediting, Communications Research and Metrics, and Communications Training.

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