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About ESI

In a time when federal agencies rely on novel technology solutions, ESI stands as a trusted partner. We have built our success on our commitment to technology, teamwork, and trust. At ESI, we acknowledge and celebrate our dedicated, diverse staff, who consistently strive for and achieve excellence.

Our Core Values


Our success stems from our unwavering commitment to integrity. We set out to deliver exceptional services and solutions to our Federal clients, and we are guided by the highest standards. We stand firmly behind our work and acknowledge that trust is the cornerstone
of lasting partnerships.


Our goal is to do great things together! We achieve remarkable results through a spirit of collaboration within our team and in partnership with our clients. Collaboration is not just a concept; it is the essence
of how we operate, working in harmony to benefit our clients and strengthen the foundation of our company.


In the dynamic world of technology, we recognize that innovation is a necessity. Our team continually pursues self-improvement, pushes boundaries, and seeks new ideas. We are committed to staying at the forefront of the ever-changing IT landscape, ensuring our solutions are effective and impactful.


We believe that embracing humility is vital to achieving successful teamwork and collaboration. Recognizing and acknowledging our personal limitations is a foundation upon which we build a culture of continuous learning, growth, and appreciation for the diverse talents and contributions of others.


Company Culture

At ESI, our people are the heart of our organization. Each day, we strive to cultivate a workplace environment that resonates the warmth and unity of a family. Deeply committed to our team's well-being, we promote and support work-life harmony, ensuring that each member of our ESI family thrives personally and professionally.

Encouragement & Support

Our Leadership

Dr. Ye Wu

President and Founder

Adam Malcolm

Senior Vice President

Kai-Ling CHen

Vice President

Dr. Tom Ferleman

Vice President