Work that is meaningful


ESI is a company where our employees enjoy working. Our staff is both diverse and intelligent (technically and emotionally), and they are passionate about doing meaningful, quality work that has a significant impact on our clients' missions. ESI employees enjoy working on teams where the individual is valued and a healthy work-life balance is encouraged.

Our Core Values


True success means that our daily efforts to provide quality services and solutions to our Federal clients are built on a commitment to the utmost integrity. Our people stand behind their work, their word, and their commitments. Trust goes a long way in building lasting partnerships.


Our goal is to do great things together! Our people know that their individual contributions are part of a greater whole. Putting team and client first is our primary focus. Collaboration means working together for the good of our clients and our company.


Technology is constantly improving, and so should we! For our own professional development, and for the services we provide our clients, becoming a better version of ourselves is vitally important. Our people are always learning, growing, and innovating to adapt to the ever-changing IT landscape.


The “I know everything” individual doesn’t promote and encourage teamwork and collaboration. Acknowledging our own personal limitations prepares us to learn, grow, and appreciate the contributions and talents of others. Teamwork and collaboration will thrive in this atmosphere of humility, enabling ESI to consistently deliver what we promise to our clients.

Our Leadership

Dr. Ye Wu

President and Founder

Adam Malcolm

Senior Vice President

Partnerships are key